Our Breeding Philosophy

  Bossert Ranch is a small family owned and operated Morgan horse ranch located in the California foothills. Although we are relatively new to Morgans, we are neither new to raising horses nor to this rigorously challenging California ranch life. For five generations spanning over a century, the Bossert family has owned and worked hard on this ranch. Throughout the generations, our family has striven to live by simple principles demanding of us our best effort at everything we do. To the Bossert family, our best means always having integrity, honesty, and fairness in everything we do.



Anyone who cares for horses knows there are times when horse owning seems to be one of the most thankless and expensive hobbies known to human kind – and we are right in there with that thought! We have found however, that Morgans are one of the few horse breeds that makes all this effort worth it. So, thankless as it may seem at times, we will continue to raise Morgans because we know they make great family horses and we have great family fun caring for our Morgans. That's why we are focusing primarily on Remount Government and Working Western Morgan lines not because they are fastest-selling-profit-makers, but because in our opinion these lines tend to produce great family and sport horses. We select our mares and stallions for quiet dispositions, sound athletic minds, and strong healthy bodies - all the characteristics that made Justin Morgan an American legend.


Bill and I hope you give Morgans very serious consideration. Morgans are a great breed of horse so if you'd like to contact us even to just "talk Morgans" for a while - please do!  Thanks for stopping by Bossert Ranch! You're welcome back anytime!

Thanks for stopping by Bossert Ranch! You're welcome back anytime! 

Nina & Bill Bates


  Our Training Philosophy

  Being a small, family operated business, we treat each horse as we would a member of our family. Our family believes in keeping the priorities straight – being centered on caring human relationships. We believe in the same with horses.


Unlike larger horse facilities where a single horse may simply become part of a collective, our horses remain as individuals to us. We tailor each program to the individual horses, depending on their talents, desires, and their owner’s ambitions for them. We believe in a close bond between horse and rider, and very much like to have each owner or rider involved in their horse’s training. So much more can be learned when horse and rider go through the levels together.



Our horses enjoy the life of being horses too and spend time out in the pasture, free to run and play. This not only creates a working body physically; coordination and usability, but also a well working mind; the ability to figure out problems through exposure to the natural world. 

From birth, our foals are looked after in the beginning closely, worked with until they behave for basic tasks; standing for the ferrier, tying, brushing, any veterinary work, etc.



Between the ages of 2-4, depending on each horse’s level of development, the horses are started. Within two weeks of being on the horse, they are ridden out. The horses are taken out on the ranch, on trail, on the road... This develops control, trust between horse and rider, and ensures the horse can carry the rider well and use himself at the same time.


Arena work begins thereafter, where the horse is taught collection from the ground up. Being able to collect the horse while on the ground is equally important as being able to collect the horse on his back. Our horses, when finished, move in every way. Teaching movements isn’t nearly as important as teaching the horse the fundamentals. The fundamentals make the movements happen, for example, if a horse knows to move off the leg well and collectively, the pirouette or turnaround can be asked for. Rather than teaching the straight movement, they learn the basics of every movement.

Our goal with horses is to have a horse fully under the control of the rider, a confident pair (horse and rider) and overall, a fun, dependable and pleasant riding horse. 

If you have any questions about our methods, thoughts, or even questions you have on a horse of your own, email us!

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