Young Bill Bossert at the Ranch 1930's

he Bossert Ranch has been the working cattle and horse ranch for over a century. The ranch has been owned and operated by the Bossert family since 1910 and is located at the southern end of California's historical motherlode country where gold was mined between the little towns of Raymond and Coarsegold. Several old, abandoned gold mines still exist on the original Bossert homestead.  

Back when grandpa Bossert was raising horses, he bred for one characteristic--true western working ranch horses. He didn't need pretty or fancy horses. He needed horses who would work hard, work smart and work faithfully to help him tend his Black Angus cattle. He also used his horses to take his family on horse packing trips in the high Sierra Nevada's or the "high country" as the old timers call it. Consequently, grandpa Bossert cross bred his horses for willing and intelligent dispositions, athletic ability, and strong skeletal muscular bodies that could endure unusually long distances with ease--characteristics that made the American Morgan Horse famous. 

With these same qualities in mind, Bill and I studied various breeds and decided on breeding Morgans because they possessed all the qualities that grandpa Bossert bred for but with one added bonus -- Morgans are not just good using horses, they are truly beautiful horses as well. Although grandpa often bred mustangs and thoroughbreds, he like most ranchers of his day, always tried to cross in pure Morgan lines whenever he could, to ensure he had tough reliable equine athletes with sound minds. 

In this family tradition, Bossert Ranch began a equine breeding program exclusively dedicated the American Morgan Horse in 1996. Although we're still growing and developing our herd, we are really pleased with our results so far.

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Bill and Nina Bates

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Joyce Bossert Clasen with Sonny

William B. Bossert at 11,000 ft. overlooking Hernandez Pass Yosemite National Park


Grandpa Bossert Backpacking
at Horsethief Canyon 

Uncle Fritz & Bill


Young Bill Bossert



Janice (Bossert) James & Bill Bossert

Fritz Bossert